Carpaccio (GF/LF)

Emu with shaved pecorino, baby herbs, thyme, Kyneton extra virgin olive oil

Deconstructed Galette (Veg)

Perfect egg, parmesan, tomatoes, prosciutto, chives.

Mushroom Cannelloni (Veg/VG)

Cannelloni, mushroom puree, mushroom marmalade, mushroom salad, parmesan crisp.


Japanese scallops served on Jerusalem artichoke puree, pickled cucumber, squid ink.

Nest (Veg/GF)

Crisp potato nest and foam, rocket two ways, cottage cheese, herbs.

Rice Noir (VG/GF)

Black rice, leek, celeriac, baby tomato, brussel sprouts, broccolini, black cabbage, broth.


Veg – Vegetarian   VG – Vegan   GF – Gluten Free   LF – Lactose Free



Lamb shoulder, pumpkin, feta, mint.

Roo (GF)

Eucalyptus smoked kangaroo, beetroot, cumquat confit, Tasmanian pepper, red sorrel.

Beef Cheek (GF)

Soft polenta, spinach, breakfast radish, chocolate beef jus.

Red Snapper (VG)

Celery, tomato and black olive tartare, celeriac, crumble, citrus caviar.

Pesto Risotto (Veg/VG)

Coconut rice, basil, pinenuts, lemon.

Nest (Veg/GF)

Potato nest and foam, rocket, cottage, herbs.

Black Rice (VG/GF)

Leek, celeriac, baby tomato, brussels sprouts, broccolini, black cabbage, broth.


Couscous, baby carrots, mandarin, caraway.


Side Dishes

Roasted pumpkin, Persian fetta, pine nuts, thyme (GF)

Rocket, pear, walnut, parmesan, aged balsamic vinaigrette (GF)

Steamed beans, toasted almonds (GF)

Roasted local potatoes, Murray River salt flakes (GF)

Roasted Brussel sprouts, crispy prosciutto, hazelnuts (GF)


Trio of house made sorbets (GF/VG)

Trio of house made ice creams (GF)

Kahlua and date infused crème brulee, oat wafer

Brownie, chocolate sauce, hazelnut sugar, tonka ice cream (GF)

Tarte tatin deconstructed + Coconut (VG)

Special Dessert 


Cheese’s cut in 50 gram portions

1 cheese        16.50

Additional cheese 6.50 each

Gippsland Blue (Cow’s Milk) Victoria Australia

Australia’s first farmhouse blue cheese and is made only with milk from the herd of Friesian cows at the Hillcrest farm in Gippsland. Soft  and slightly runny texture with luscious blue creamy flavour.

Calendar Farmhouse Cheddar (Cow’s Milk) West Country, England

Calendar farmhouse cheddars are selected for their crumbly moist texture and lingering tang, but because each is hand-made the flavour will vary from one batch to the next

L’ ARTISAN Organic Le Rouge (Cow’s Milk)  Timboon, Victoria

French cheese maker, Matthieu Megard has newly released `Le Rouge`, a strong washed rind with vigorous pungent flavours and a soft creamy texture when ripe.

Mt Buninyong Mist White Mould (Cow’s Milk) Creswick, Victoria

A triple cream brie style cheese made from Jersey milk. Jersey milk has a high butter fat content which gives the paste of the cheese a vibrant buttery yellow colour, the flavour of the cheese is rich cream almost buttery.

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